How does the talent pool work?

The Talent Pool feature is included for all Business plan customers. In a nutshell, it allows employers to get access to the pool of job seeker accounts who have signed up on your job board.

The feature can be managed from the admin panel, under " Manage board" > "Other" > "Talent pool".

Access to the talent pool can be completely open or private (default): 

  • If set to Open, your talent pool will be available as a link in your job board's header bar and anyone will be able to access it. 
  • If private, access will be granted to employers in the same admin page.
    Once an employer has been granted access, they will find a new "Talent pool" link in their dashboard menu.

All candidates which signed up for job seeker accounts and checked the "public profile" checkbox will appear in the talent pool: you can manage and view those under "Manage data" > "Job seekers".

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