How does the talent pool work?

The Talent Pool feature is included for all Business plan customers. In a nutshell, it allows employers to get access to the pool of job seeker accounts who have signed up on your job board.

The feature can be managed from the admin panel, under Manage board > Talent pool.

Access to the talent pool can be completely open or gated (default): 

  • If set to Open, your talent pool will be available as a link in your job board's header bar and anyone will be able to access it. 
  • If gated, access can be granted to Employers via Self-checkout or manually. Once an employer has been granted access, they will find a new "Talent pool" link in their dashboard menu.
    • The gated option allows you to granted access manually to an individual employer by tapping Manage board>Talent Pool>Access Passes. In the middle, you can choose which Employer can be granted access from your list of Employers.
    • Alternatively, you can offer an Employer Self-checkout option if you have at least 10 Job Seeker profiles in the pool.

All candidates which signed up for job seeker accounts and checked the "public profile" checkbox will appear in the talent pool: you can manage and view those under "Manage data" > "Job seekers".

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