Best practices to market your job board

Making a job board profitable and successful requires initial efforts in marketing and promotion. Here are a few tips on reaching profitability & strategies for promoting your job board:

  • Leveraging your existing audience: if you have one, then sharing the jobs in your newsletters as well as putting out regular reminders to check out the job board are great ways to keep the community engaged.
  • Social media marketing: consistently sharing new jobs and companies on social media is a sure way to acquiring new job seekers and employers
  • Submitting your sitemap file to Google Webmasters Console and improving overall SEO on your job board: we wrote a quick guide to help with this
  • Creating content on the blog: content marketing is a great way to improve your site's SEO and gain organic traffic. Our built-in blogging feature will help you post content to rank.
  • Paid ads: ads can be useful in some scenarios to kickstart a job board. Make use of our Adsense integration or use custom ads to display your own banners.
  • Reaching out to employers directly: establishing relationships with employers is a sure way to . Creating and offering coupon codes can be a good incentive for employers to post jobs at a discount.
  • Starting off with at least 15-20 jobs on your job board: manually adding jobs from various sources will create the impression of an active job board, and encourage future employers to add their offering.
  • Starting off with a free plan alongside a paid plan: offering a free basic listing and a paid plan to feature jobs is a good strategy to get employers in your door as you get started. 

Setting up a successful job board is akin to starting a fire: it all starts with a small spark, and you'll need to help build up the fire, but once it's going it will pay back the fruit of your labor many times over and can be extremely automated and profitable.

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